Frequently asked questions

Can I take my children?

Yes you can, we have children’s life vests

Tip: for families with small children.
Take a small beach bucket with you on the boat.

If your child urgently has to do a small pee. You don’t have to berth.

Can I take my pet?

No you can’t. We had to forbid pets on the boats because of damages and excessive cleaning jobs caused by pets

What is the total capacity of the fleet?

Maximum capacity is 142 people.

Exceptionally by special permission 150 people.

Do you have group rates?

We have group rates for the standard boats, you can find them on the price table of the standard boats

Can we make reservations?

Yes, but only by phone.

Do you ask for advance payments with reservations?

We ask 1/2 of the rental amount each boat in advance when you rent 3 hours and more or from 2 boats.

Can payments be made with bank cards?

Card payments are not possible at site, only cash!

Do you ask for a deposit?

We do not ask for a deposit, only in case of damages a max. of 200,00€ standard and cabrio boat (cash) and 250,00€ luxury sloops 5/6/10/12 Pers.) (cash) franchise will be charged.


The identity cards will be kept until you return as a warrant (guarantee) for the boat and will be given back to you when you return. In case you don't want to give us your identity card , it's also possible to give the amount of 200 € (standard and cabrio boat) and 250 € (luxury sloops 5/6/10/12 Pers.) in cash each boat as a warrant (which will also be given back to you when you return ans when the boat ok after we checked for any damage).